Certified Instructor Training in 3-D Workout

New 3-D Workout instructors complete intensive training, Summer 2014

“Thanks so much again for the course! You are by far one of the best teacher trainers I have ever encountered. The pacing of the class, your in depth command of material, the opportunities for hands on practice, and your encouraging feedback all peppered with your delightful sense of humor makes this course stellar” – Carol Boggs, New York program, June 2012

Congratulations to seven new Level I instructors. From the Toronto, ON area–Megan Andrews, Suzanne Huard and Mary Ganzon; Ann Rose (Carlisle, ON); Barnaby Ohrstrom (Brooklyn,NY); Maureen O’Donnell (McLean, VA), and Vicki Berman (Rockville, MD).

The Level II students are just now completing their exams and are expected to do well. Watch this space!

The 8-hour days went very fast due to the great variety of movement learning, observing, teaching and eating wonderful meals prepared by the proprietor and chef, Meena. Thank you, Meena for keeping us going with great food.

Dianne Woodruff, CMA, PhD, creator of 3-D Workout, author of training manuals, DVDs and YouTube videos taught the Level I program. And the students brought to the program years of movement teaching experience to share and refine. We worked on using plain language (not jargon) to more effectively communicate the complexity of 3-D Workout.


Northumberland Heights Retreat Centre is located about 1.5 hours east of Toronto near Cobourg, Ontario. This rural Ontario retreat house has beautiful grounds, movement studios and great organic food. For site photos, visit facebook, northumberlandheights.ca.


Course content

Training includes all instruction, a DVD, an illustrated manual (with new drawings) and a take-home exam.

3-D Body Integration: principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement applied to fitness. Samples of the new chair version will be included.

3-D Weight Training: less weight and more reps = more strength. The use of space in resistance training sets 3-D Workout apart from any other program.

Stretching: safe, effective self-stretches including my signature 3-D Back Stretch are essential for a sedentary culture; understand static and ballistic stretching and it’s effect on the muscles and the body’s long fascial chains.

Supervised teaching practicum: The teaching practicum, integrated into the course format, provides observation and teaching as well as practice in making corrections and working with the public. The six-day intensive format offers the bonus of personal growth as a mover and depth of understanding about somatic fitness for the whole person. This kind of process is transformative in that each student grows and matures as the week progresses.



Non-CMAs who study this material may fulfill the requirements of a prerequisite course in Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement as offered by the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. No certification (CMA) is intended by or implied through this training course in 3-D Workout™.

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Graduation class of Level II instructors: Diana May, Michael Gatbonton, Joan Koszo, Elaine Biagi Turner (standing), Cathy Bagby (seated), Laura Berkley, Carrie Lynn Nieves.