3-D Workout Program


Body In Motion

An integrated fitness program for every body and every activity.

3-D Workout is about natural movement–the way we were designed to move. That’s why it’s great for non-exercisers who don’t know where, or how, to start. And for those who want to refresh their conventional fitness programs, discover new material and new challenges in this “out-of-the-box” approach.

3-D Workout trains your body to work as a whole, gently releasing stiffness and joint restrictions so you can do more in the class and in life. Enjoy the benefits of easier, pain-free movement in everything you do. Experience leaner, defined muscles and better bone density through functional weight-bearing exercise.

“I was taking the escalator and somehow I slipped, dropping my purse and my carry-all, BUT, I DIDN’T FALL. My balance was good. I was able to recover quickly. That’s from 3-D Workout.” ML

This client didn’t fall because she was well grounded. Does your fitness program train your grounding? It should because that is the basis of good walking, confident balance and everything else you do on two feet.

Make a commitment to your own body transformation and enjoy a truly functional fitness experience. Use 3-D Workout for one month and then notice how you stand, walk and participate in life with more endurance and enjoyment than ever before!

3-D Workout™
Volume I: The Basics

A 48-minute DVD with 19 exercises to activate and motivate the beginning mover. Use this video for feel-good, functional fitness in the comfort of your own home. Excellent for the older adult, the sedentary baby boomer, the recovering athlete and those with arthritis or osteoporosis. If you cannot stand and move easily on two feet, you need 3-D WORKOUT™.

3-D Workout Volume I Digital Download

3-D Workout™
Volume II: Building on the Basics

Contains 27 expertly taught exercises with new challenges and combinations in a real-time format. Builds on the basics from Vol. I and adds new exercises for the more advanced mover. These exercises will change the way you think about and understand your body.

3-D Workout Volume II Digital Download

3-D Workout™
Volumes I and II Bundle

The two volumes are designed to be used in sequence. Give yourself a foundation of coordination and alignment, strength and flexibility with Volume I. Add to the challenge with additional and more complex combinations in Volume II for functional, feel-good fitness. The printed insert shows you how to combine Volumes I and II for varied and challenging workouts!

3-D Workout Volume I and II DVD Bundle
3-D Workout Volume I and II Digital Download Bundle


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