3-D Workout Program

3-D for life and living

3-D Workout improves the way you move in everything you do. Whether you want to climb stairs or kick and run in a soccer game, 3-D tunes up your natural skills. It gives you a responsive body, ready to go when you are. It does this by connecting all the body’s bits and pieces with whole-body exercise.  This is not about scary heavy weights but about whole-body exercise that’s gentle but challenging. Watch the video and read more about 3-D Workout and how it will help you!

3-D Workout teaches your body to work as a whole, gently releasing stiffness and joint restrictions so you can do more in the class and in life. Enjoy the benefits of easier, pain-free movement in everything you do. Experience leaner, defined muscles and better bone density through functional weight-bearing exercise.

Make a commitment to your own body transformation and enjoy a truly functional fitness experience. Use 3-D Workout for one month and then notice how you stand, walk and participate in life with more endurance and enjoyment than ever before!

“I was taking the escalator and somehow I slipped, dropping my purse and my carry-all, BUT, I DIDN’T FALL. My balance was good. I was able to recover quickly. That’s from 3-D Workout.” – ML

This client didn’t fall because she was well grounded. Does your fitness program train your grounding? It should because that is the basis of good walking, confident balance and everything else you do on two feet. For best results, exercise on your feet, not sitting at a machine.

3­-D Workout™ chronology

Sometimes when you’re busy making history you forget to record it. What follows is a chronology of the development and growth of 3­-D Workout, 1983-­2014 (some dates are approximate).

1983­ – 2001 initial development period for 3-­D Workout™: a fitness program inspired by Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban

1989 3-­D Workout™ first presented in public workshops, Greater Toronto Area

2001 the first video of 3­-D Workout™, v. I: the Basics released on VHS

2005 v. l released on DVD

2006 the first Level I instructor* certification course in Canada (Oakville,ON)

2006 v. II DVD, 3­-D Workout™, Building on the Basics released on DVD

2008 the first Level II instructor certification course in Canada (Oakville, ON)

2010 Level I instructor training in Italy

2012 digital downloads of vols. I and II released.

2012 Level I instructor training in USA (NYC)

2013 the first YouTube video produced, “Moving in Three Dimensions”

2014 3­-D Workout™: the Chair Edition DVD released

2014 Level I and II instructor training in Canada (Cobourg, ON)

2014 two webinars for instructors offered, October and November

* to date there are 36 instructors, 11 of whom hold both levels of certification