3-D Workout at the Olympic Games

10 Oct 3-D Workout at the Olympic Games

One of my Certified 3-D Workout instructors, Diana May, worked with Tracey Cameron and Melanie Kok, the Canadian double sculls rowing pair who won a bronze medal in Bejing. Their coach approached Diana last spring to contribute to the pair’s training process.

Diana’s goals included keeping the rowers injury-free with good exertion-recuperation patterns and enhancing their connectivity so they used their whole bodies for rowing. These goals are important supplements to conventional training because they are the foundation of any good body usage. It is hugely exciting to see that these champion rowers benefitted from 3-D Workout practice. 3-D Workout offers the tune-up that benefits everyone.

Diana, is certified in both levels of 3-D Workout and is based in London, Ontario where the rowers did a lot of their training. Contact Diana May at www.profoundbody.com for details on her current 3-D Workout classes.

Congratulations Diana, Tracy and Melanie.