3-D Workout™

A unique conditioning program developed by Dianne L. Woodruff, CMA, PhD and inspired by the work of Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban.

3-D Workout™ is effective, functional training that feels good during and after your workout.

Discover the pleasure of moving well on two feet. Improve your skiing, racquet sport, golf game or whatever you want to do.
Dianne Woodruff
Dianne Woodruff
Dr.Woodruff has been teaching for 35 years, holds a doctorate in Somatic Education and is a Certified Movement Analyst. Recently retired from a private practice as a myofascial pain specialist and movement therapist, she continues to write, produce videos, speak and teach. She is internationally recognized for her teaching and innovative leadership in wellness and fitness.


Fitness should be age-appropriate and organic; it should be designed, not just copied from a book. 3-D exercises are designed using the space around the body (the kinesphere) rather than arbitrary, isolated joint movement. These whole-body exercises produce improved strength while activating the fascia (soft tissues) for whole-body connectivity, remodeling and function.

Contact her for workshops, instructor training and speaking: info@body-in-motion.com.

Training Fitness Professionals and the Public to move well and feel better

3-D Workout™, our flagship product, is a unique conditioning program developed by Dianne L. Woodruff, CMA, PhD and inspired by the work of Irmgard Bartenieff and Rudolf Laban. The goal of 3-D Workout is to help clients achieve life-long fitness and coordination through integrated, harmonious and biomechanically-correct movement sequences. Learn 3-D Workout from DVDs, downloads, YouTube videos and classes for the public by trained, certified instructors.

New In 3-D

3-D Workout: the Chair Edition (2014) DVD is now in the BiM store and ready for orders. This accessibility version of 3-D is designed so the mover can experience 3-D from a chair. Not everyone wants to get down on the floor so The Chair Edition is an alternative way to get the 3-D benefits. Almost anyone can learn how to use all the space around the body and enjoy the feeling of “reaching” into that space.

How can you exercise your whole body and be seated at the same time?

3-D Workout: The Chair Edition teaches you to use the space around you, to shift your weight, to discover new ways of moving. The Chair Edition includes a 38-minute instructional segment that walks each client through proper technique, movement execution, use of space and breathing. A 15-minute workout segment leads the mover through these 13 sequences at a faster pace. Go to the store now for your copy of Dr. Woodruff’s innovative chair program.

Chair Edition on DVD

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